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Bachelor's Programs

BA in International Relations

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International relations

Course Overview

The International Studies programme gives students the tools and the background to make sense of the complex issues which characterise contemporary global politics.

  • The curriculum embraces complementary and inter-related disciplines.
  • Students explore issues of power, conflict, diplomacy, arms control, terrorism, developmental politics, civil society, foreign policy, humanitarian aid, and the international political economy.
  • Students acquire up-to-date knowledge about European integration.
  • The field provides language and concepts with which to explain, justify and criticise the modern world.
  • Highly qualified national and international faculty help students develop the methodological skills required to perform efficiently in public service and business management in the context of international cooperation and the EU.


Intakes February / September
Duration 3 years
Tuition Fee 2250 EUR / Semester
IELTS Not Required



International Relations looks at our rapidly changing world in terms of the political, economic and social issues that affect all our lives. The programme aims at developing diverse skills: the ability to research and analyse information from a variety of sources, possibly in different languages. Through this, students should develop skills in problem-solving and conflict resolution and the ability to weigh arguments and to sift material. Written and verbal skills are necessary to present and discuss their opinions and conclusions in essays and seminars. All of these are qualities which are much valued by employers; in addition, their understanding of complex political and multicultural issues, often in changing environments, can also be highly relevant to the world of work.


Career opportunities

International Studies graduates have skills that transfer well to many work environments. There are, however, a range of organisations for which the particular mix of skills and knowledge acquired by graduates is uniquely relevant, even if in some cases additional qualifications or experience are also required. A wide range of employers, including governmental offices, local authorities and other public sector organisations, both national and international, institutions of higher education, commercial companies, financial institutions, solicitor’s firms, publishing companies and media employers employ graduates with significant coursework in international relations.



  • European Integration
  • Foreign and Security Policy


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