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Bachelor's Programs

BA in Business Administration& Management

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Business Management

Course Overview

The programme will give students a solid general education, a fundamental understanding of business concepts and practices as well as an appreciation of the role of business in society globally. Through the course students will gain an understanding of:

How goods and services are produced, financed and marketed in both domestic and international business enterprises

How economic and legal environments affect business

How ethical, social and political issues influence both profit and non-profit enterprises

Basics of accounting, quantitative methods, computers and management information systems

Organisational theory and behaviour and interpersonal communication

How managers, including senior executives, make decisions despite limited facts and great uncertainty


Intakes February / September
Duration 3 years
Tuition Fee 2250 EUR / Semester
IELTS Not Required



Once students complete the programme, they will be able to individually and collaboratively formulate, structure, support, deliver, evaluate, and adapt written and oral messages; use information technology as a tool to do essential business tasks; apply knowledge on political, legal, economic, and cultural country differences; develop competitive strategies in foreign, regional, and global markets; apply critical thinking skills to complex business problems. They will demonstrate ethical understanding and reasoning abilities, including an understanding of the ethical responsibilities of organisations, and functional skills and knowledge in the study of business. The required courses in their selected specialisation will also prepare them to enter or pursue advanced studies in the specialised area of their choice.


Career opportunities

Our graduates have an excellent employment record over the last few years.

This degree provides the knowledge, understanding and transferable skills essential to organisations looking for tomorrow’s leaders, managers and administrators.

Individual personal development as well as team-work form an integral aspect of the courses and are embedded within teaching, learning and assessment. This gives Management and Business Administration graduates competitive skills that increase their employability. It also provides a sound knowledge base for those who seek to start their own business.



Business Organisation

Economics and Business

Financial Services

Management of Public Funds

Management of Market Processes

Environment Management



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