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Masters in Graphic Design

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Course Overview

With us, you can become the type of graphic designer who can react to real situations with creative and artistic insight, who within their field can imagine and create high-standard work.

We are a flexible program with a fresh perspective; our strength is in our open-mindedness. With the help of our acknowledged, professional academic teachers we can provide you with the opportunity to find your own individual style. In this course we will develop your practical, functional problem-solving skills focused on design, and we strive to help you unfold your innovative solutions individually as well as in a team. We await you in a great atmosphere where your creative work can unravel through integrated courses teaching modern design thinking in a team environment.


“A graphic designer is responsible for the message, also for its artistic and aesthetic quality. Moreover, a graphic designer should count with social and ecological factors as well. How does the message affect us? What kind of material is needed for a good “package”? What impact will it have on the environment? We aim to introduce our students to the (re)interpreted workshop of the always experimenting graphics, where – alloying the traditional and modern image creation techniques – we will be able to change the world.”
Gyula Július DLA – Associate Professor, Professional Executive, Munkácsy Mihály Award-winning Visual Artist

“Alongside with the realization of the tasks at school, we also got the possibility to try out so-called classical procedures and techniques. The tasks were diverse and there was always more than one solution for everything. We could show our strengths and individual voices.”
Marcell Puskás, Second-year Student


Graphic Design mester Collage.jpg

THIS PROGRAM IS DESIGNED FOR YOU… if you are compassionate, co-operative and creative, are characterized by a critical attitude, wish to create valuable works and to keep their quality in your future career.


  • Individual artist
  • Art Director, Graphic Designer at creative agencies
  • Illustrator, Image editor, Art director, Typographer
  • Web-designer in online and printed medium designer studios, creative-executive enterprises
  • Calligraphy-Typography
  • Image Graphics
  • Graphic Design
Specializations are launched only if the sufficient number of students wish to join the specialization.
CORE SUBJECTS: Aesthetics, Theory of Progressive Image Creation, Art Studies, Graphic Design Research, Printmaking Graphic Techniques,  Visual Communication, History of Design, New Media Graphic Design, Graphic Design Workshop, Integrated Design, Generative Design, Sustainable Society and Culture, Experimental Design, Data Visualization, Visual Communication, Infographyc, Infodesign

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