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About Cyprus

Located at the crossroad of three different continents, The Republic of Cyprus is a place where the East meets the West. It has the third largest population among the islands in the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the most popular tourist destinations. It is also a great center for business and a sought after study abroad destination. Cyprus is a member of the European Union and is a presidential republic.

Cyprus is a very popular tourist location and hosts over two million tourists from the very part of the world throughout the year. Cyprus is a country that has something to offer to every person from its guaranteed sunshine, white sand beaches, rugged mountains, seas, villages and cities. The service sector of Cyprus is vibrant and thriving and the health care industry is one of the best. Cyprus is slowly gaining recognition as one of the best destinations for Medical Tourism all over the world.

Cyprus has a Mediterranean climate and a lasting sunshine. The short spring and autumn are full of pristine natural beauty and many interesting traditional events. Cyprus is a great destination for studying abroad and you can find out about study in Cyprus online.

Higher Education in Cyprus

Cyprus is a member of the European Union and is a country with a highly educated population. Cyprus has a sophisticated infrastructure and is full of island charm. People here are open and warm and have a tradition of hospitality. The cuisine and culture of Cyprus are one of the best in all Europe. Cyprus has a high percentage of English speaking population. Cyprus is a preferred location for education due to its very low crime rate and high standard of living. Cyprus is a hub for business and education. There are many reasons why to choose Cyprus for higher studies.

Bachelor Programmes

Master Programmes

PhD Programmes

Entry and Admission requirements

The eligibility requirements for student visas are relatively straightforward, but there is a long list of pieces of documentation required in order to receive a visa. Some of these are:

  1. Additional documents required for student visa:

    • Confirmed air ticket / e-ticket with a photocopy.
    • Applications should be submitted at least 10 days prior to intended date of traveling.
    • Original Police Clearance Certificate from the Regional Passport Office, Ministry of External Affairs, (also endorsed on the passport) with two photocopies.
    • Original Bank Certificate with two photocopies, stating that the parents or sponsors (names listed) have the financial means to cover their expenses (eg. tuition and accommodation fees and personal expenses for the duration of the studies).
    • Original Academic Certificates with two sets of photocopies {translated in English (if required) and attested by the school authorities}.
    • Endorsement in the passport of at least EURO 2500 towards personal expenses, with the receipt in original & photocopy.
    • Letter of acceptance from the college (original & photocopy).

Because of the large amount of detailed documentation required by the Immigration Department in Cyprus, it is important that students gather all of this information several weeks or months prior to planning to attend, so that nothing will be missing that could hold up the process. As long as the paperwork is in order, a student visa is usually granted without further delay.

Highlights of Studying in Cyprus

  • Bachelor and Master’s degree in Cyprus is recognized world-wide.
  • The main language of instruction in English.
  • The standard of living in Cyprus is high and yet the living costs are affordable.
  • Cyprus has high academic standards.
  • The country is very safe and the crime rates are extremely low.
  • The learning environment is enhanced with the varied culture.
  • Credits can be transferred to all other European Union countries as well as US and Canada.

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